Foldability creates bespoke, intricate pleating moulds that are tailored to suit projects. We make pleating 'patterns' which are the moulds used to produce folded fabrics. We do not do small runs of standard pleating such as accordion pleats, box pleats etc but can manage larger production runs of detailed pattern based folds. Our speciality is in developing new and unique pleating patterns which are tailored on a project by project basis. Unlike other pleating companies, our focus is primarily on creating bespoke pleating moulds which can be used for interior products, industrial design and haute couture, rather than pleating fabric.

The pleating process involves putting fabric between a two piece cardboard pattern, pleating it together by hand and steaming the pattern in a vapour box until the fabric sets. Most fabrics can be pleated but the most suitable contain a minimum of 10% polyester. This is because the fibres melt slightly when the pattern is heated, which helps the pleats last longer. To learn more about how to pleat fabric please take a look at our step by step guide here.

If you are interested in our pleating mould services please get in touch.

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